Are Prefabricated Granite Counters Continue to All-natural Granite?

If you’re looking for any stunning, resilient and slightly cheaper substitute to Denver Granite , then you definitely will not go erroneous with choosing prefabricated granite. However, because they price somewhat significantly less would not indicate that it’s not granite. Instead, prefab granite counters are granite; they have got basically been created from slabs of granite that were pre-cut and refinished in the central factory and afterwards transported to some seller to generally be marketed.

These prefabricated granite counters are quite popular since they make it possible for house owners who wish to obtain granite counter tops in their dwelling, but want to spend less have the many beauty of granite for considerably less. In reality, one can receive a 2′ x 8′ x 3/4″ slab of prefab for approximately $300. But the price is only 1 motive why persons choose for prefabricated granite counters; here are a few in the other motives a lot of owners are deciding upon prefabricated granite:

· Amongst the reasons this type of countertop are much less expensive is since the seller doesn’t have to demand just as much for labor given that the pieces have by now been prepped and completed.

· Installation expenses are reduced with prefabricated counters.

· Prefabricated granite has each of the sturdiness, motion, resistance and beauty of granite. Certainly, meaning the care and routine maintenance requirements are definitely the exact, likewise.

· You happen to be sure to look for a countertop certain to satisfy your needs and space structure as you will discover an awesome variety of sizes and styles from which to choose.

· Like total slab granite countertops, prefabricated will insert on the value of your house.

· Since using prefabricated granite counters usually means using specific dimension ahead of buying, it takes less time to install, saving you on labor expenditures in addition.

· Prefabricated granite counters usually come having an connected backsplash, which, with tailor made granite, would have to be obtain independently.

· Prefabricated counters have a very specific end applied to them that safeguards and maintains the stone’s surface, therefore further more guarding your expense.

Nevertheless, like most points in everyday life, you will discover some negatives to obtaining prefabricated granite counters, and it can be wise to think about these if thinking of using prefabricated granite. These disadvantages involve the next:

· Prefab granite counters are usually not readily available the big selection of colours that granite comes in, but likelihood is, you’ll be capable to obtain a little something you like.

· You can find a restricted range of set up choices therefore if you may have an odd shaped house or have splays and curves then you really may perhaps find it is necessary to utilize standard countertops.

· With prefab granite counters, you need to do not reach choose between a variety of edge finishes because they are all uniform-this portion of what lends for their decrease expense!

Whether or not you select for getting prefab granite counters or even the dearer granite counter tops, you might be certain to be delighted. At Universal Stone in Minnesota, you will find lots of granite professionals who will be joyful to answer any of one’s questions about granite counters.